Elizabeth Shartle was a substance abuse counselor for several years prior to becoming a licensed attorney. She has authored a manuscript for persons in recovery. This book will give you the basic text of an Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP). IOP is the foundational skills group for those in non-residential treatment. In other words, if someone is getting treatment for substance abuse, and they are not in a residential treatment facility, then IOP is the next most common.

     But WAIT! there's more!

Not only does this book give you the basic information of IOP, it also shows you how the "rules" for living as outlined by our creator in the Bible are the same "rules" for recovery. We are designed to live our most fulfilling and joyful lives in accordance with our Heavenly Father's plan. This does not mean we escape pain and suffering. It means we learn how to live open, loving and purposeful lives despite our circumstances or even because of them.

     You can find encouragement and a sense of resolve when you read: Overcoming Addiction: A Biblical Path Towards Freedom. This book will show you that you are not alone in your struggles, whether you have an addiction or love someone who does. This book will touch upon some of the hurt of addiction and living outside of God's plan. It will also give you the words for some of the situations you have always known were uncomfortable and have wished could be different. It is written in a kind of letter-style so it will speak to you, personally. You will read it through, set it aside, and find yourself coming back to re-read those certain parts as you may have done with a letter in the past.

Released April 2, 2018 where books are sold - via Amazon or the publisher's website at Aneko Press.